Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shall We Gather?

Beautiful River
Shall we gather at the river,
Where bright angel feet have trod;
With its crystal tide forever,
Flowing by the throne of God?
Yes, we'll gather at the river,
The beautiful, the beautiful river,
Gather with the saints at the river
That flows by the throne of God. in the public domain

And yes, they gather at the river...boaters gathered on the Nantahala River that runs through North Carolina.  

But this gathering is not the river as mentioned in the above hymn.  Nor is the next one...

As beautiful as this river is, it cannot hold a candle to the river that flows by the throne of God.  I pray we all meet there together someday.  Blessings to you and yours on this Lord's Day!

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eileeninmd said...

Lovely post and photos. Happy Sunday!

Dianna said...

Linda, your Sunday post always bring back memories of playing the piano in church - all those lovely old hymns!
Beautiful pictures today.
Enjoy your Sunday!


I love this.....the song....the images. You should seriously consider doing something like this...OR this one post, for Thursday Theme Song.

Anonymous said...

Lovely song, photos, and message as well....quiet Sunday thoughts!

Pam (and Sam)

TexWisGirl said...

that 2nd shot is truly beautiful. :)

Jan n Jer said...

Love the hymn n the photos are perfect...great reflections on the second one!

Anonymous said...

The photos are nice. I like to imagine what is walking along the shore under the trees that you cannot see.

Cathy said...

Very beautiful, Dear, thank you ~ Blessings ~

Charlotte said...

So true. There are many rivers and many people gather there. I hadn't thought about that fact before. I've sung that song so many times but not in years. The river that flows by the throne of God. Wow. That's the river to gather at.