Saturday, December 17, 2011

Around the Bend in the Road

We traveled to Ireland this spring - our 2nd trip to that beautiful country.  We spent the weekend in Connemara, enjoying the sights and history of Western Ireland.  We decided to take a different route back to Westport, and my job was to read the map, guide my husband through the roundabouts, keep him on the proper side of the road, and watch for the rock walls that are SO close to the edge of the roads!  I was doing such a good job of watching for rocks that I nearly missed this castle as we rounded a turn.  My camera was at hand, so I snapped the photo, luckily getting a nearly perfect angle. 

As we approached the entrance of the castle, actually called Kylemore Abbey, we saw that it was open to the public.  We quickly turned into the gates and spent a lovely day touring the property. It was a day to remember.  There is much history, too much to tell here, but it was built as a wedding gift from a man to his wife, and later sold to the Irish Benedictine Order of Nuns.  There is a gorgeous Gothic Church on the property and one of the last walled gardens built in Europe.

It was a reminder that some of the most memorable days are not planned or orchestrated - one only has to be willing to look for the opportunity to take a detour!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Don't you love it when you accidentally happen upon something like this?! I would love to visit Ireland and Scotland: maybe one day, I'll get brave enough to cross that ocean....