Sunday, December 11, 2011

Waiting for Santa...

I am not really waiting for Santa - at least not this early!  But, I AM waiting for our annual Open House to start later today.  We are model train enthusiasts, with more HO scale trains than we have room to set up, and somewhere along the line in the last 4 years, I have managed to accumulate over 150 lighted houses.  (I told my husband NOT to take me to any after-Christmas sales this year!)  It takes us over 100 hours each to set up the display, and about half that time to take it down and put it away, but we still do it every year.  In addition to the display, we bake cookies for the event.  At the last count, this year I have baked over 105 dozen cookies.  Does that qualify me for the "Are you nuts?!?" award?

This photo we took 2 years ago, when we had fewer trains and houses, shows why we do it year after year.  I say it is worth every moment we spend.  What do you think?

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