Monday, December 12, 2011

The Surprise of the Eyes

Hubby and I belong to a digital photography club - he finally has his own fancy camera!  This summer, we had a "Shoot in the Garden" before our monthly meeting.  We had an opportunity to wander the botanical gardens here, cameras in hand, and take our best shot.  It was a wonderful evening, and we captured some nice photos - we both called it a success.

Arriving home, we hurried off to download the photos on the computer and see just how well we really did (things always look different on the big screen!).  You can imagine our surprise when we looked at this one!  

 Dan had no idea the "eyes" were there - he was just working to get a close-up shot of a hibiscus.  But, there they were.  I have not looked at a hibiscus the same way since!  Next time you get an opportunity, look closely at the flower - and don't be surprised when you see the eyes!

2 comments: said...

Beautiful photos. Hibiscus blooms are so pretty, but I must admit, I've never looked at one closely. Next time, I will! Thanks for the lesson.

Abhinav said...

WOW !!! The Eyes - It is amazing !
Arrived here by seeing your comment on my blog.
Thank you very much.