Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sharing on Sunday

Sometimes the muse simply doesn't visit me...and I am left wondering if there is anything I can say that is worth taking the time to write, or worthy of being read.  I wander through my photos, and through my mind, looking for something that will inspire.

I am not a person who accepts anything less than doing things well - not from myself, and sadly, not from others.  I am trying, at this ripe old age, to learn to draw, and paint.  I have been doing oils for a while, passably, but not well.  Lately, I have tried my hand at watercolors.  In an effort to learn to accept myself, with all my imperfections, I am sharing some of my efforts with you today.  You have to know this is not easy for me.  I do not like for anyone to see my lack of ability.
The model

My drawing

But, there is a lesson for all of us here.  God loves us, in spite of our imperfections.  He sees beyond my pitiful efforts, all the way to the inner person who sincerely wants to do well.  He knows every inch of me and accepts me as I am.  He wants me to grow, and try, and learn...but He loves me where I am.
Art Class efforts - my first watercolor.
I am struggling now with the desire to give up watercolors - they are too hard, I can't do it well, I will never learn.  Watercolors dry too fast, I haven't figured out the technique...the list of reasons not to try goes on and on.  Maybe I should try acrylics, or go back to my oils.
The still life I set up and did by myself at home...
And then, I realize...those are all excuses.  And these excuses are just another way to avoid doing what I need to do - practice.  I am never going to succeed if I don't try.  And, when I look back at these, they really aren't awful - they aren't particularly good - but they aren't awful.  And I realize that my life is a lot like that.  I haven't been awful - not particularly good - but not awful.  And, I will never be any better if I don't practice.  I need to practice being in God's Word on a daily basis, and praying daily, and striving to follow Him.

I guess that was worthy of being written, and read, today.  I hope it blesses someone.

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TexWisGirl said...

linda, i know EXACTLY how hard this was for you to share. it is difficult to put ourselves out there for the world to see - wondering if we are good enough.

first, your drawing of the mother and child - you captured the softness of her face SO well.

second, your use of light on the pitcher was really good!

third, controlling those colors on the last must have been so hard, but you did it!

p.s. acrylics were my favorite paint medium, back when i used to paint. :)

A Joyful Noise said...

Actually I think your paintings are lovely and you are too shy! Thank you for sharing them with us. I especially liked the one with the fruit and the egg plant.
You should display them locally to encourage others to also paint.
We are reflected in our painting, our writing and hopefully God shines through to bless others.

Red said...

Where you're going with this is to find yourself and like yourself. It's fun the draw. Never mind what others may think. Enjoy it. I wish I could do as well as you dK. keep on drawing and just have fun.

Daniel LaFrance said...

Everyone's comments are spot on. You have talent that many dream about.

Some people paint, draw, take photos and we all aspire to improve our respective works.

As Red mentioned, have fun.

Brian King said...

I'm no artist and don't pretend to know anything about it. I think your efforts are very good, especially if you've just started. I'm lucky if I can draw a stick figure. I don't know that I'd give it up just yet. You've got some talent here.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Linda, your drawing and painting are wonderful! Don't give up! Put a mat or frame on your pictures and step back. You will be surprised at how good they look.
I used to paint in oils and now I can't stand the smell of the oil and turpentine. I am trying to learn watercolors and it is harder than oils. I've done a little in acrylics, but I don't like them as well.
I just need to practice, practice too.

Floss said...

I love the face you have captured so well on the mother - I can't see her face in the original photo, but I suspect that your drawing of her carries more love and maternal absorbtion than the original sculpture! But I so understand how hard it was for you to share these - one of the things about blogging is that we can hide away whatever we don't like, and only show what we are proud of. By sharing your art, your progress and your feelings, we get to know you better! Thanks so much for your comment on my Community post. I think that both of our posts explore some aspects of our need to be more open and authentic with other people - you have helped me today - thank you!

eileeninmd said...

I agree with the others, Linda! You do have a talent. I think you should stick with it. I think you captured the first one beautifully. Texgirl gave some great comments. Have fun and have a HAPPY Sunday!


Oh my Linda....if you think these are 'not good, not awful, but passable'.....I think you're sorely mistaken.

As with you as a person....what you hold dear inside, what your vision of yourself is...well, that's what counts in my estimation. In other words, your art is your vision...what you see. And to carry yourself within your vision is the all important!!!

Does that make sense? What I'm trying to say as with your art [which is very good], what you see in yourself and not worrying about what others think, that's what yourself; your art will show through well.

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

I am with A Joyful Noise! I think you are too hard on yourself Linda. I love both of the watercolors! I think you should keep working with them unless in your heart you just find it to be satisfying. I understand though about putting yourself out there cause I feel that way every time I hit the publish button on my blog. Why I do the blog, I haven't figured it out. But it serves some kind of need.

Danielle said...

Amen! You have blessed many individuals with this honest and heartfelt post...I have just begun art journaling because it is supposed to be imperfect...which is so difficult for me...but I am continuing on because it is helping me to expect less than perfect...and to understand that it is beautiful. Wonderful job with your paintings!!!

Beth said...

i've gotten out of my art work. i'm far from perfect ...but if it is something you enjoy that is all that matters. i think you do a great job. guess we can be so hard no ourselves. chin up!! i'm back from my camping adventure. getting back into the swing of things. big hugs. (:

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh well done indeed Linda, don't ever think about giving up the watercolours, it's my very favourite medium and you have a talent for sure! Bravo!

Carletta said...

Every time I post a photo I think I'm putting myself out there. Sometimes I'm happy with them, sometimes I'm not. My husband has told me from day one to practice. So I do. I'll never be as good as I'd like - because I don't take the time I believe- but I'm still going to try.
If I could draw a tenth of what I see here from you I'd be happy. I too think you're being hard on yourself.
I think Barb is right - frame it, hang it and be proud of the accomplishment. :)

Jann Olson said...

Linda, you are so much more talented than you give yourself credit. I think they are wonderful. The fact that you are willing to try and learn is a great start. Hey girl, if I waited to blog about something that was worth saying I would never be able to blog. lol!

NixBlog said...

I think all artists, even the greatest ones have self-doubt when looking at their own work, Linda. I know that I am immensely self-critical when I examine things I have drawn or painted.
What is important is to enjoy what you are doing when painting and drawing. This is what is ultimately important and a successful piece of art conveys that enjoyment to the viewer, which I can see in your wonderful work!

NixBlog said...
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Charlotte said...

For some strange reason this post took me back to a picture I drew in school. I think it was in the 4th grade. It was a picture of a cat. The reason I remembered it was I thought I did a pretty good job (for a little kid). I'm not comparing your art work to a 4th graders of course. I think you did a good job. There are some artists in my family, but I definitely am not one of them. I'm sure if I had persevered and practiced more I could have been a little better. I'm glad God doesn't demand perfection. I like your conclusion about praying daily and striving to follow Him. This is the really important thing. and yes, your post did bless someone. It blessed me. Thank you for linking on Spiritual Sundays.

Rita said...

Linda, since I can't draw a stick figure I find your work wonderful. But, I do understand what you are saying. I even share some of the same feelings. I certainly have the reputation among my family and co-workers of being to much the perfectionist. I still agonize over every photo I post. But, over the years I have learned to relax a tad (just a tad, mind you) when it comes to blogging. Somehow it is easier to relax with fellow bloggers. Is it is because we have never met and the odds we will are small. Possibly. But, I know that because of blogging I have loosened up a tad in my real lift as well.