Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple...

Another in my series of churches finds me still in Missouri.  This first church is found in DeSoto.

Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church, restored and dedicated in 2010;  St. Rose lived from 1586 - 1617 and was the 1st canonized saint of the Americas.

St. Patrick of Armagh, Catawissa, MO, (also called "the Rock Church" by the locals) established 1843, building begun in 1853, interrupted by Civil War; completed 1866, burned in 1885; reopened Easter Sunday 1886, closed 1924.

I love it when a church's history is posted for all who happen by. May your days be blessed and your cup overflow!

2 comments: said...

Beautiful churches!
It is nice to learn the history of a building without having to do a lot of research.
Happy Sunday!

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Saint Rose of Lima is an awesome structure Linda! My Dad had to go to DeSoto a couple of days a month for a few hours to the Union Electric office there back in the 60's. He used to let me ride along and we would have lunch together. He worked for UE. I have never seen the church in Catawissa until your picture today. Great post for this January Sunday!