Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood!

This week I accepted the challenge posed by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - to list 10 things I love about motherhood.  I thought it would be easy - I love being a mother, still - even though my boys are grown and have children of their own.  And then reality hit - what was I thinking?!

So, after much thought, I have listed the Top 10 Things I Love About Motherhood!

10. I am always needed - even by grown men!
9.  Looking at these grown men and realizing that I gave them life gives me a strong sense of fulfillment.
8.  Sometimes one of them is around to help with things I can't do.
7.  They were really useful for running errands!  (Although more so before they were married and moved out)
6.  One son is a car sales manager and has always "steered" me to great vehicles!
5.  One son is a contractor and is great at making modifications on our home.
4.  One son is a telecommunications engineer and computer expert who helps when I have computer problems.
3.  All the boys know how to say "I love you".
2.  All 3 sons married girls who have become the daughters I never had.
1.  My sons gave me grandchildren - 5 grandsons - who are more precious than life to me, and a great reward for not killing them when they made me crazy!

There you have it - my reasons for loving motherhood!  I have to admit, when I tried to get this photo of the 5 boys this Christmas, I was reminded of the difficulty in getting 5 little boys between the ages of 4 and 7 to least all at the same time!  One was always doing something with their hands, looking somewhere else, or making a funny face.  At first I was annoyed that the photos weren't "perfect"...then I realized that the photo represented who they really are, and as such, was absolutely perfect in every way!


Anonymous said...

All wonderful reasons to love being a Mom, Linda! Your grandsons are precious: I bet things are busy at your house when they're all together! And how fortunate you are to have successful sons who are able to help you when needed.

gretchen said...

Man, that's a lot of BOYS! What fun. You are one lucky mom/grandma!

Tayskye said...

That photo is absolutely adorable!!

I really loved your list! You've got some great stuff in there!

Galit Breen said...

Absolutely love this line "great reward for not killing them when they made me crazy!" {Hee!} So well said!

Andrea said...

Love hearing what I have to look forward too! :)

Michelle said...

That picture of your grandsons reminds me of the pictures we try to take for my mom. My two teenage kids will stand forever with smiles on their faces while we wrangle my five little nephews (ages between 6 and 2) into some semblance of togetherness. And afterwards, my sisters and I laugh as we click through the photos trying to pick the best one!

Susan Smelser said...

One has red hair - imagine that! He reminds me a little of your Dad. Tried to pick out some characteristics of (your brother) Roger. Maybe the one on the bottom left. Roger was such a beautiful little boy (and he would have hated being called beautiful!)
Childhood memories of you and Roger have always periodically 'popped up' in my mind. I am so very sorry that I won't see Roger again until my next life. He was a special person.