Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Wonders of a Web!

In the fall of last year (can you believe that 2011 is now "last year"?), hubby and I took a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We started at the beginning of the Skyline Drive in Front Royal, VA, and ended, 4 days later, in Cherokee, NC at the end of the Parkway.  What a fabulous trip!  Hard to believe it took us 4 days to drive 565 miles, but we stopped so often to take photos that our average speed was about 15 MPH!

The first day started out very foggy, and I'll admit I was disappointed, thinking that we would miss things in the fog.  I am sure there were things we did miss, but what we saw instead more than made up for that lack.

It will take several posts to share some of the wonders of the Parkway, but for today, I wanted to share the incredible beauty of a spider web when it is laden with moisture from the fog.  Had the day been a sunny day, I would have missed these entirely.

 These were some of my favorite shots - and one of my daughters-in-law requested framed prints of these (she got them for Christmas).


These first ones were in trees above our heads.  This final one was at ground level, and only seen because we had to stop for some road construction.  You never know what you may find, if you only keep your eyes open and look for the wonder!

Keep looking!

2 comments: said...

These are gorgeous, Linda! You're right: we never know what we'll see. Sometimes those delays are a good thing. But I have to tell you that, as patient as my hubbyis, he would be very upset if our average speed was 15 mph!

Rose said...

Great shots!