Saturday, January 7, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere!

Today, we continue the journey down the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Part of my passion in photography is capturing shots of water, moving water, still water, falling water, any kind of water!  The Parkway is full of opportunities to view water in its many activities. 
This was a dam along the James River, with a very interesting stone terraced formation.

I used my Wide-Angle fisheye lens to capture this view of the James.

Linville Falls, in North Carolina, was a lovely hike of several miles, with this view at one of the overlooks. 

 This final photo was the Chimney Falls portion of Linville Falls.  Every trail brought us to some fantastic view of water moving.  Nature never ceases to awe and inspire me!  I hope it inspires you too!

1 comment: said...

All beautiful, Linda, but the fish-eye view of the James is wonderful! Hmm., perhaps I need to get one of those lenses.... Imagine the sunrise/sunset shots!