Thursday, April 19, 2012

Redneck Yacht Club

(With apologies to Craig Morgan)

I’m meeting my buddies out on the lake 
we're headin out to a special place we love 
that just a few folks know 

there's no signing up, no monthly dues 
take your johnson, your mercury or your evinrude and fire it up 
meet us out at party cove 

come on in' the waters fine 
just idle on over and toss us a line

basstrackers, bayliners and a party barge, 
strung together like a floating trailer park anchored out and gettin loud 

all summer long side by side there's five houseboat front porches

astroturf, lawn chairs and tiki torches 
regular joes rocking the boat that's us 

the redneck yacht club!
(If you don't know the song, you can listen to it here:

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Dawn aka BusyMom said...

Hey! Do you live in Ohio by any chance??? LOL! That is what it looks like on the lake on the way to my Grandma's house... the one I wrote about today actually. Someday I'd like to have a boat out there on the water, hanging with a bunch of friends, fishing and laughing and enjoying the day... guess I need to get a boat first... and some friends... and I love the pic of the eagle on your other blog... we have them in my backyard and I love to watch them... as long as the neighbors little dog isn't out then I'm afraid it will get picked off... but then again that little yippy dog is annoying...

Have a great Thursday!

Dianna said...

Love that song! And your photos are perfect for the lyrics.
Happy Thursday!


No, I have NOT heard the song before....that is what makes this meme so fun. The choices are unending and being able to put photos to the lyrics is a challenge...a challenge you matched perfectly Linda. Well done. And see? I learned a new song today. All thanks to you.

Perfect. Keep it up. You do good work always.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Looked at the images at the same time as listening to the song, cool post Linda.

Ann said...

that flat roof house on the water is interesting. In Singapore, they call them kelongs

Madi and Mom said...

I think Craig Morgan would be very pleased!! Great pictures for a fun song.
Madi and Mom

Susan said...

Don't know Craig...guess I'm out of the loop. This looks like fun, but if you forget something you're screwed and it sure would be hard to find some alone time. Party tho-indeed.

Lighthousegal said...

I love this song and all the photos. The lake is a great place to spend the day. When my son was around 5 or 6 we had a boat and would go out on the lake almost every weekend, he loved it. We would fish a little and then go to this little cove to swim (or play in the water - I never learned to swim). Great times, thanks for bring back those memories!
Happy Thursday!

TexWisGirl said...

i like your neighborhood!

Nancy said...

I don't know the song but it looks like the place is lots of fun..... Great job..

eileeninmd said...

Fun post, I know the song from listening to the country music radio station. Great song choice and photos. Have a great day!

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

I love this Linda! We lived it when we lived at Lake of the Ozarks but no party cove for us!

NixBlog said...

That was fun, Linda. Thanks for sharing.